Kansas Water Projects Funded

Kansas Water Projects Funded

Kansas projects included in Interior appropriations bill.

Several Kansas water improvement projects were included for funding when the Senate passed the conference report to the Interior Appropriations bill on Friday.

Among the projects that are included are:

  • City of Iola, drinking water and wastewater pipe improvements, $300,000;
  • City of DeSoto, water treatment infrastructure at the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant, $500,000;
  • Colonial Fox Theater, Pittsburg, restoration projects, $500,000
  • City of Buhler, construction of an adsorption media drinking water treatment facility, $600,000  
  • City of Junction City, construction of a drinking water project, $250,000
  • City of Prescott, wastewater treatment plant construction, $170,800
  • City of Marion, construction of a wastewater project, $150,000
  • City of Russell, replacement of cast iron drinking water lines, $400,000
  • City of Wichita, storm water technology pilot project, $129,200
  • City of Manhattan, sewer mainline extension, $185,000
  • City of Manhattan, Konza Water Main extension, $290,000
  • Pottawatomie County, construction of a main pump wastewater station, $400,000
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