KLA Opens Western Kansas Office in Scott City

KLA Opens Western Kansas Office in Scott City

Environmental Services will be first occupants of new facility, made possible by a gift from the Jennison family.

The Kansas Livestock Association has opened a new office in Scott City that will allow the organization to provide better service to rancher, feeder and dairy members in western Kansas.

Mark Smith, the Sharon Springs rancher who is president of KLA, said it has been a long-time dream of the organization to open a western Kansas office.

The 11 full-time employees of the KLA Environmental Services office, previously located in Salina, will be the primary occupants of the new office. KLA ES has seen a rapid growth in the demand for services including waste management system design, nutrient management plans, water resources planning and assistance with permit applications for facilities.

A portion of the existing KLA ES staff will move to the Scott City office. Over time, there will be other positions within KLA that also will be transferred to the new western Kansas office. 

The opening of the Scott City KLA office was made possible by a $500,000 gift from the Jennison family, which has a long history in the western Kansas banking business.

The KLA headquarters office in Topeka will continue to house most of the association staff. This facility was built 20 years ago and provides easy access to government bodies KLA works with on behalf of producer members every day, including the state Legislature and state agencies.

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