K-State Plants Trials of Non-Roundup Ready Beans

K-State Plants Trials of Non-Roundup Ready Beans

Tests on conventional beans will compare yields, weed control.

Kansas State University researchers have planted trials of soybeans without the Roundup Ready trait in three locations around the state.

Researchers said that more producers are expressing interest in growing conventional soybeans, but not many varieties are on the market.

Bill Schapaugh, soybean breeder with K-State Research and Extension said there is also very little information available on the yield potential of conventional varieties compared to Roundup Ready varieties.

The K-State research fields are near Scandia, Ottawa and Parsons as part of the annual Soybean Performance Test. There are 13 varieties at each Scandia and Parsons and 18 plots at Ottawa.

Each location has either two or three Roundup Ready varieties entered for yield comparison purposes, Schapaugh said. Each also has a combination of public and private conventional varieties.

Weed control will be a combination of conventional pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicide applications.

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