K-State Students Among Those With Pfizer Externships

K-State Students Among Those With Pfizer Externships

Three K-State students among nine chosen to work with veterinarians in program to encourage livestock medicine interest.K-State Students Among Those With Pfizer Externships

Three Kansas State University students are among nine students taking part in the 2010 externship program, designed to give first and second-year veterinary medicine students some "hands-on" training in the field.

The program, sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health is designed to help increase interest in livestock medicine.

"We have students who were not previously considering practicing in rural communities and certainly not working with food animals," says Mike Nichols, Beef Veterinary Operations, Pfizer Animal Health. "After their externship, the response they give is that this is an area of practice they were previously unaware of. K-State students involved in the program and Rhiannon Harris, Rebecca Pheasant and Matthew Wright.

Additional students came from the University of Illinois and the University of Missouri.

Nationwide, Pfizer Animal Health supported more than 100 students in 2009 and 112 in 2010.

The program is available to students at every veterinary school and/or college of veterinary medicine in the United States, and it gives them the ability to work with accomplished veterinarians across the country.

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