Lieberman Leaning Toward Health Care Bill

Lieberman Leaning Toward Health Care Bill

Several controversial issues have been stripped from legislation.

Senator Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., says he is nearly ready to give Senate Democrats the 60th vote they need to pass a stripped-down health care overhaul bill. Lieberman says if a government-run "public option" is out and Democrats drop a Medicare buy-in plan for people ages 55-64 that he's getting toward the position where he can say that he's ready to vote for health care reform.


Lieberman says he has a problem with cost control. He says the Medicare buy-in proposal would have an adverse impact on hospitals and would result in massive cost-shifting to consumers with private insurance. Eleven other senators have written letters voicing concern about the plan.


"We've got a great health insurance reform bill here," Liberman said. "I think what's beginning to emerge is really a historic achievement, health care reform such as we've not seen in this country for decades."

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