Miller Wildcat Provides Welder/generator

Welder and backup power rolled into one.

Farm and ranch operators with a need for a welder and backup electrical power may find room for Miller's new Wildcat 200 welder/generator on their place.

The Wildcat is powered with a 14 horsepower Subaru engine, provides 200 amps of DC stick and TIG welding power, and will provide 5.5 Kilowatts of continuous power for extended periods on its seven-gallon fuel capacity.

The larger-than-competitor's fuel tank allows 12 hours of welding with 1/8-inch stick electrodes.
Generator features include a single 220VAC outlet and four 120VAC outlets to run a host of tools and appliances.

The new Wildcat comes in a fully-enclosed case, and weighs in 150 lbs. lighter than its rival competitor. Electric start switches are on the front, and a manual backup pull starter is on the rear.

For more information on the new Wildcat, click on, or call (800) 426-4553.

MULTI-USE WILDCAT: Miller's new Wildcat 200 offers a capable welder and backup generator in the same compact, enclosed package. Powered with a 14 hp. Subaru engine, the Wildcat 220 will run 12 hours on seven gallons of gasoline while welding.

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