Monsanto Receives Mexican Import Approval

Monsanto Receives Mexican Import Approval

Growers who plant trait technologies will be able to fully market grain.

Mexico, a major importer of U.S. corn grain and dried distillers grains, has given full regulatory authorization for importation of grain from three Monsanto Company Genuity corn traits: Genuity SmartStax, Genuity VT Triple PRO, and Genuity VT Double PRO.


Monsanto says the approvals are the final major global regulatory import approvals necessary to enable U.S. and Canadian farmers who plant these corn trait technologies to fully market their grain in 2010. This includes farmers who planted Genuity VT Triple PRO as part of a limited commercial demonstration in 2009.


Genuity SmartStax and Genuity VT Triple PRO have regulatory authorizations in the United States, Canada, Japan and Korea, among other countries. Genuity VT Double PRO has full regulatory approval in the United States, Canada, and Japan. Monsanto anticipates approval in Korea during the 2010 growing season.

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