Nebraska Has First Ethanol Blender Pumps

More choices targeted for flexible fuel owners.

Grand Island, Neb. is the home of that state's first ethanol blender pumps. The new blender pumps combine ethanol and ordinary unleaded gasoline at various rates to offer a wide variety of fuel choices—from ordinary 87-octane unleaded gasoline and 89-octane E10 Unleaded 10% ethanol—as well as higher ethanol blends targeted to owners of flexible fuel vehicles including E20, E30 and E85.

John Holzfaster, chairman of the Nebraska Corn Board, says higher blends of ethanol are key to realizing the full benefits of this domestically produced, renewable fuel.

"The more flex fuel vehicles we have—and the higher blends of ethanol available across the nation—the more we generate economic strength for our entire nation, reduce our expensive and dangerous dependence on imported oil, and improve our environment," Holzfaster said.

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