New Mixer for Beef, Dairy Producers

New Mixer for Beef, Dairy Producers

Kuhn Knight unveils two new vertical mixers with improved feeding design.

New designs for internal feed movement make Kuhn Knight's two new vertical twin-auger mixers ideal for commercial beef and dairy feeding operations.

The new VTC 180 and 1100 Vertical Maxx mixers are the newest in the Kuhn Knight lineup and feature extended wear designs, a two-speed split planetary drive, and redesigned tubs for lower loading heights and decreased tread width.

New designs abound in Kuhn Knight's two new vertical twin-auger feed mixers. Better feed handling internally and redesigned tubs make for a more compact, efficient trailer or truck mount Vertical Maxx mixer.

The new mixers come with single- or tandem-axle trailers, as well as a truck-mounted model, and are sized from 800 to 1100 cubic feet capacity.

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