NPPC a Little More Comfortable with Canadian Program

NPPC a Little More Comfortable with Canadian Program

Many questions still remain about program.

Recently Canadian Pork producers asked their government for an $800 million bail out. Recently the Canadian government responding to that request with the announcement that it would develop a program. Once some details were known, the National Pork Producers Council found it less onerous than what had originally been proposed. National Pork Producers Council's Vice President and Council for international trade policy Nick Giordano says this is a more modest program that they're more comfortable with.


Still many questions remain as the Canadian government continues to develop the program. According to Giordano, questions surround the program's loans and to what extent are the loans on commercial terms and how preferential are they. Other concerns include: Are producers getting access to below market rates, what are the repayment terms, those sorts of issues.


Giordano says they'll be able to better comment when they've got a little more of a focus on that aspect of the program.

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