NSP Clarifies Failed Crop Clause

Producers who plant crop after failed wheat should still be eligible for SURE.

The National Sorghum Producers says growers who experienced a damaging freeze in recent weeks in wheat can still plant a second uninsured crop and remain eligible for crop insurance payments of the first crop. NSP says some producers have been told that planting a second crop behind wheat may affect their eligibility for the Supplemental Revenue Assistance Program if their wheat had already headed out before a freeze. However, according to NSP, if a producer plants a second crop behind failed wheat, regardless of the growth stage of the wheat, it will be considered a "ghost crop."

As long as the producer listed sorghum on their insurance policy as a potential second crop or purchased NAP on the second crops, they and will be eligible for SURE. It is still unclear whether producers will be eligible for SURE if they plant a second crop and did not indicate the intent to do so.

If producers have sorghum or another crop listed on their policy, then they are safe under SURE and should have no problems. Producers should plant the second crop, and the Farm Service Agency will work with them on an individual basis. However, a producer that takes wheat to harvest then plants a second crop will truly be looking at a "double crop" situation and not a "ghost crop."

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