Pasteuria Wins Nematode Treatment Approval

Bioscientists find soil bacteria that controls nematodes.

Pasteuria Bioscience has received EPA approval for Pasteuria usgae, a natural bacteria prevalent in soil that has long been recognized to provide control of plant-parasitic nematodes. Nematodes can significantly damage golf courses, turf and most agricultural crops.

The Society of Nematology and other organizations estimate global crop losses due to nematodes at $100 billion annually. With current nematicides being voluntarily removed from the market due to safety and environmental concerns, few nematicide options exist. This registration of Pasteuria offers environmentally safe, cost-effective and reliable nematode control products.

Pasteuria Bioscience is developing products based on Pasteuria spp. to treat major nematode pests in most agricultural crops. Its first product will provide sting nematode control for the golf and sports turf markets. Subsequent products will offer nematode control in agronomic crops such as soybean and cotton, in specialty crops such as strawberries and bananas; and in vegetables.

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