Pork Checkoff Announces Leadership Program Participants

Producers will receive communications training to become spokespeople.

The Pork Checkoff has selected 20 U.S. pork producers to participate in Pork Leadership Academy, a program used to identify and train industry leaders. Participants were chosen by their states and represent different production styles. PLA teaches producers how to communicate one-on-one with other producers about the issues facing the pork industry and also focuses on training them as spokespeople who can let the public know of pork industry accomplishments.


Chair of the Pork Checkoff Producer and State Relations Committee Bill Kessler, a PLA graduate from Mexico, Mo., says the Checkoff is helping build new leaders who will work with both consumers and other producers.


Participants will attend five PLA meetings during the year with each focusing on a different pork issue and Checkoff update. They will also receive Pork Quality Assurance Plus training, which provides producers with information on production practices that uphold consumer expectations about food safety and animal care. Participants will also learn how to better handle on-farm crises.

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