Radial tire aims for implements

Radial tire aims for implements

Titan Int'l rolls out Contractor Radial tire - a VF designed for implements.

It's easy when you talk tires to focus on those big tractor, combine and sprayer tires, which seem to absorb all of our attention. In fact, farms have all kinds of tires and one area where improvement in performance may be implement tires. That's one reason that Titan Tire is offering the new Contractor Radial implement tire.

This tire line is a VF for Very High Flexion an is designed to allow growers to carry the same weight load as a standard implement tire at 40% lower inflation pressure, which can reduce soil compaction. Radial construction also allows for cooler running temperatures, which can extend tire life versus traditional bias tires.

Contractor Radial tire can operate at 40% lower inflation than bias, which will help reduce implement-caused soil compaction.

With heavier implements at work in the field, having the right tires can be important. Add in the need to travel longer distances between fields with implements, and rethinking your tire choices make sense. The Contractor Radial tire offers better roading and increased carrying capacity at reduced pressures. The tires feature the same tread design as the Goodyear FS24 implement tire - the zig-zag, ribbed design for smooth road use, yet offering stability in side-slope applications.

The tire is currently available in two sizes, and three more are in development:

• VF280/70R15 - Carries 5,085 pounds at 58 psi, replacing a traditional 11L-15

• VF320/70R15 - Carries 5,680 pounds at 52 psi, replacing traditional 12.5L-15

Learn more at titan-intl.com.

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