R-CALF USA Questions Beef Checkoff Direction

R-CALF USA Questions Beef Checkoff Direction

Leaders concerned about control battle between CBB and NCBA.

Delegates to the R-CALF USA annual convention in Rapid City, S.D., last week passed a proposed resolution that brings into question control of National Beef Checkoff Program funds. At question is what R-CALF USA calls a battle between the Cattlemen's Beef Board and the National Cattlemen's Beef Association regarding NCBA's efforts to gain additional control over National Beef Checkoff Program funds. R-CALF USA directors have been adamant that the Beef Checkoff Program should not be controlled by a politically motivated entity such as the NCBA.


"We're hopeful the CBB folks will look out for the interests of actual cattle producers," R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard said. "And we certainly hope they will stand their ground and refuse to be intimidated into granting even more control to NCBA."


Former R-CALF USA Region IV Director Jay Platt indicates that many of the individuals serving on the Arizona Beef Council are not, in fact, full time cattle producers. Platt points out that someone who does not make a living as a full-time producer will view very differently how dollars ought to be spent on projects than someone who does indeed make their living running cows would view how those dollars are spent. 

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