Rotating bale handler

Rotating bale handler

Worksaver launches he new R Series rotating bale hands for wrapped and unwrapped bales.

Worksaver has the new 'R' Series rotating bale hands for handling wrapped and unwrapped round bales up to 2,200 pounds. With the handler the user can pick up a round bale, rotate it up to 110-degrees and stack it on end, without the need to put the bale down and realign the clamps. End stacking can reduce pressure on bale sides.

You can stand bales on end, preserving quality, with this new tool from Worksaver.

The R Series is designed for bales from 4- to 6-feet in diameter, and the unit has smooth-curved clamping arms to avoid puncturing wrapped bales. There are four models available and it is offered in Euro/global mount, John Deere 400/500 series mount, skid steer mount and blank back to accept Worksaver bolt-on brackets. Optional brackets are available to fit most popular quick-attach front loaders with loader arm distance of 54-inches or less. Learn more about the R-Series, visit

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