Roto-Mix Offers New Vertical Units

Improved trailer mounted vertical mixers offer twin screws for better mixing.

Roto-Mix's new 745VXT and 865VXT mark improvements in trailer mounted vertical mixers for today's confinement feeding operations.

Both units offer twin screws for better mixing and processing of long fiber material and come with an inclinded conveyor with optional 14-inch spouts. Left or right hand discharge is available and a two-speed gear box allows for slow speed mixing and high rpm for better cleanout.

The 745 holds 740 cubic feet of material, while the 865 holds 860 cubic feet.

Horsepower requirements are 130 for the 745 and 135 for the 865.

For more information, call (620) 225-6370 or visit

Roto-Mix has unveiled the new 745VXT and 865VXT trailer-mounted vertical mixers for today's confinement operations. The new units have two speed gearboxes and improved mixing designs.

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