SA Flex Eases Loading

Auger designed to unload grain without moving the truck.

Wheatheart Manufacturing has released the SA Flex auger designed to help grain handlers unload both hoppers on a 54-foot grain trailer without moving the truck.

The Flex features the company's standard features found on the SA series augers but adds a double-jointed hydraulic power swing and hydraulic hopper mover system that extends over 15 feet and covers up to nearly three times more area than any other 13-inch auger.

The SA Flex comes in 71, 81 and 91-foot models.

For more information, go to, or call (204) 746-2396, ext. 229.

This photo shows the possible movement of the SA Flex auger from Wheatheart. The double-jointed hydraulic power swing and hopper movers allow grain pickup over an area nearly three times as large as normal augers.

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