Senator Wants Slaughter of Downer Cattle Stopped

Senator Wants Slaughter of Downer Cattle Stopped

New legislation would close loopholes in current regulations.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., has pledged to introduce new legislation that would close what she calls loopholes that allow the slaughter of downed calves. At the same time, she is asking USDA to more vigorously enforce federal laws which outlaw the inhumane treatment and slaughter of food animals.


"It is my belief that conditions in these plants reflect a system that accepts brutality," Feinstein said. She wants to the department to hold the offenders within the industry and the USDA accountable for their actions.


Present USDA regulations prohibit the inhumane slaughter of downed cattle. However, Senator Feinstein believes more can be done. Her new legislation will close any loopholes that allow for the continued slaughter of downed calves; authorize new funding to hire additional inspectors; and create an Office of Humane Slaughter within the Food Safety Inspection Service.

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