Stockyards in South St. Paul Hold Final Sale

Era ends as doors close for the last time.

It was the ending of an era Friday in South St. Paul, Minn., as the final sale was held at the South St. Paul Stockyards. Over the past 122 years the stockyard was the hub of livestock business for the upper Midwest and handled incredible numbers of animals. Records for single day sales include 31,862 head of cattle in Sept. 4, 1934; 12,249 head of calves on Aug. 27, 1934; 61,532 head of hogs on Sept. 4, 1933 and 70,824 sheep on Oct. 8, 1934.

The final day at the stockyards drew 2,200 sale animals and a crowded barn of buyers, on-lookers and media from across the country. Demolition of the stockyard begins in mid-May. On the site will be commercial buildings.

To view a video about the closing of the stockyards, click HERE.

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