Sunco/AcuraTrak Hones Three-point Guidance

System can be mounted on any tractor with auto-pilot and GPS receiver.

Three-point implement guidance through GPS inputs – without undue torque on the tool bar – is now available through Sunco and AcuraTrak products combined.

Available through Sunco Marketing, the system uses Sunco stabilizer coulters on the back of the implement, and AcuraTrak crank arms on the three-point hitch. The crank arms adjust for roll, pitch and yaw, and the trailing coulters moderate implement movement to keep tools in the ground where they are supposed to track. The result is when the tractor has to make directional adjustments, the implement can remain on track and centered.

Automatic three-point crank arm adjustmenters are available to offset tractor movement in row crops as

Sunco Marketing's new row crop guidance system keeps tools centered and on track with GPS signals.

Available for a host of implements running in many crops, the system carries a three-year warranty and can be mounted on any tractor with an existing auto-pilot and GPS receiver.

The AcuTrak components are priced at $12,000 and the Sunco stabilizers at $6,500.

For more information on the Row Crop Guidance system is available at:

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