Sustainable Food Lab Announces Conference

Conference will develop solutions for sustainable agriculture.

The Sustainable Food Lab has announced the Growing a 21st Century Agricultural Revolution conference, to be held March 18-20 in Landsdowne, Virginia. The conference will bring together the world's leading food providers to develop practical and affordable solutions designed to accelerate the knowledge of sustainable agriculture practices to meet the future needs of global consumers. The organizers say after this conference players will be better able to align their goals, identify best practices, and measure results.

Speakers include National Corn Growers Association CEO Rick Tolman, who says farmers are the original environmentalists. Our growers have long been at the forefront in demonstrating stewardship and finding ways to increase agricultural sustainability. Tolman says this conference and our work with Field to Market shows the great strides taken over the past few decades, thanks to technological innovation and agronomic leadership.

The Sustainable Food Lab is a global network of business, public sector and civil society leaders working together to accelerate sustainability in mainstream food and agriculture.

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