Vets Issue Influenza Recommendations

Vets Issue Influenza Recommendations

The views of swine veterinarians have been released.

In order to protect both human health and the food supply - the American Association of Swine Veterinarians is strongly advising all personnel working in the pork production industry be vaccinated against seasonal influenza annually and against any novel human influenza A viruses as they emerge. The organization also recommends that all personnel associated with pork production and harvest intensify basic hygiene and biosecurity practices.


The AASV says control of influenza in the swine herd has been less flexible. Vaccination with currently approved vaccines should continue to be used to control clinical signs of disease due to swine influenza virus as recommended on each product's label. The organization says vaccination of swine against the pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza virus should be implemented if scientific evidence demonstrates that vaccination reduces virus shedding and the risk of transmission to pork production personnel.


The American Association of Swine Veterinarians also recommends the development of a system modeled on the WHO system for strain selection that facilitates the production of national or regional influenza vaccines for swine. Also recommended is that pork producers cooperate fully and actively participate in the development and implementation of surveillance programs established by federal, state and local governments to promote a full understanding of the extent of a novel virus spread in the U.S. swine herd.

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