Vilsack Tours Pennsylvania Biofuels Plant

Vilsack Tours Pennsylvania Biofuels Plant

Biofuels touted as critical to rural revitalization.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says further developing the biofuel and clean energy industries offers a real opportunity to create a new rural economy that has a new foundation for economic growth. Speaking at Middletown Biofuels, a renewable energy venture in central Pennsylvania, the Secretary noted that biofuel production is a critical component in the Obama Administration's strategy to rebuild and revitalize rural communities and create new jobs.

Middletown Biofuels, which produces fuel from a variety of waste oils, is one of more than 120 companies that recently received funding under USDA Rural Development's Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels. The bioenergy payments are made to biofuels companies in rural areas to expand the production of advanced biofuels, which are those made from renewable sources other than corn kernel starch.

USDA Rural Development State Director Tom Williams said these continuing payments significantly help advance the production of biofuels in Pennsylvania. Middletown Biofuels' plant is in a prime agricultural region in central Pennsylvania. Williams says businesses such as this create jobs in addition to producing renewable energy and are a win-win on many levels.

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