Weatherproofer III Gets New Muscle

Weatherproofer III Gets New Muscle

Complete redesign of popular one-pass tillage tool involves strength, maintenance and appearance.

There's more than a color change on the new Landoll 2310 Weatherproofer III tillage tool line.

Available in eight models with working widths from 10- to 20-feet, the Weatherproofer III is a primary tillage tool designed to disc and deep till in one pass, mixing residue and breaking compaction. The new models are built heavier and require less maintenance than previous models.

The line has a new 4X8-inch steel tubing frame along with maintenance free polymer bearings on the rockshaft and gang pivot points -- eliminating metal-to-metal contact and the need for greasing.

Landoll's new design for the Weatherproofer III includes a new blue powder coat paint job as well as totally new, heavier-duty design and materials.

Disc gangs feature 24-inch blades (up two inches from previous models) and the auto-reset parabolic shanks can be spaced at 24- or 30-inch intervals and have a 16-inch working depth.

Customers continue to have a choice of 7-inch wing points, shark fin points, V-Cap points, or 2-inch plain points on all models.

And, yes, the new Weatherproofer III is blue, in a tough powder-coat finish.

For more on the new line, click on:, or call (785) 738-6613.

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