Wheat Harvest Gets Rolling in Earnest

Wheat Harvest Gets Rolling in Earnest

Hot weather, sunny skies and south winds dry up soggy wheat fields and put harvest into high gear.

Ah, THIS is wheat harvest weather!!

Temperatures daily close to 100 degrees, south winds and bright sunshine are the stuff wheat harvest is made of.

The combines got back into soggy Kansas fields over the weekend and with the exception of spotty areas hit by pop-up thunderstorms, are rolling in earnest today.

So far, the damage to fields hit by heavy rains and even floods, does not appear to be serious, wheat officials say.

Early reports on Saturday indicated that many farmers were even harvesting wheat with the coveted above 12 percent protein, which is fetching a premium at the elevators. Test weights are heavy, well above 60 pounds in most fields and moisture dropped to 10 and 11 percent over the hot, dry weekend.

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