WIREC Dedicated to Increasing Renewable Fuels Globally

Pledges to advance renewable fuels are being made.

The Washington International Renewable Energy Conference 2008 is in full swing this week in Washington, D.C. President George Bush addressed the conference on Wednesday and urged funding and research for the development of cellulosic ethanol.

The conference has gathered government and industry leaders from around the world to discuss renewable energy. According to Undersecretary of State Paula Dobriansky, pledges being made at this conference can lead to long-term results.

"Pledges will range from financial commitments to policy instruments and from national priorities to city initiatives," Dobriansky says. "Showing that no deed is too small for the national advancement of renewable energy."

WIREC 2008 is the third such international meeting on renewable energy, but Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte says it will not be the last and these pledges will be important in the future.

"We will revisit these pledges at the next international renewable energy conference and report on the progress that is being made," Negroponte says.

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