WTO Chair Pushing for Quick Movement

Farm negotiators for Doha Round must show changed positions by end of month.

Crawford Falconer, the chairperson for agricultural negotiations of World Trade Organization's Doha Round of global trade talks, says negotiators need to show changed positions quickly if they are to meet the pledge made recently at the Washington D.C. summit on the trade talks.

Officials from 20 countries met in Washington last weekend to discuss financial markets, the world economy and the Doha Round of global trade talks. President Bush urged the leaders to pledge to have a framework that could lead to finishing the talks in place by the end of the year.

Falconer says if the leaders agreed to such a pledge, their negotiators must have indicated that a consensus could be reached by December, which would require changing positions on some of the points of contention. He says that it is time to reveal those shifts so the work that remains to be done can be completed by year's end.

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