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30 Days of Farms & Families: The Currys

Day 29: Josh and Jody Curry farm with family at Alpha, and are thinking hard about how to make room for the next generation.

I think of two things when I think of Josh and Jody Curry. First, that they are hilarious. And second, that they are the epitome of a true family farm.

Josh and Jody farm with his dad, brother, uncle and cousin in Henry County, near Alpha. They raise corn, soybeans, wheat and hay, and they also operate a farrow-to-finish hog operation and run a small herd of Shorthorn cattle.

Illinois Farm family

We first got to know the Currys through the Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leader program, back when Josh and my husband were on the committee together. As is par for the course, we all commenced to having babies together, and today they are parents to Owen, 13, Carsen, 9, and Hadaly, 3. Considering that Owen was just a preschooler back in those days, it's a little hard to imagine that he's actually big enough to help out on the farm. But he is and he does.

For her part, Jody teaches Lamaze classes at the local hospital and works as an office assistant at the local insurance office. On the farm, she helps with chores as needed.

Josh has his eye on the future. He worries about whether there will be "enough" of the farm for future generations.

"In operating a family farm, we want to be able to support all the families and the generations to come that have interest in farming," Josh says. He's got a point. Certainly, with the number of families involved now in their operation, that number could grow exponentially as the next generation (potentially) prepares to enter the operation.

Even in the short term, the Currys are looking to the long term.

"Our philosophy is to be able to work the farm ground and make it profitable today and for the next generations," Josh says.

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