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30 Days of Farms & Families: Sean Arians

Day 25: Sean Arians farms, works in the ag industry and leads a group of young farmers. He is, shall we say, busy.

If you take a look at the title of today's blog and glance at the picture below, you'll notice it varies somewhat from the past 24 days. I wanted to feature Sean Arians for several reasons: first, because he farms and works off the farm – like a whole lot of young farmers in this state. Second, because he's a single guy – like a whole lot of young farmers in this state. And third, because he's chair of the Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leader committee – which means he's representing a whole lot of young farmers in this state.

Illinois farm family

Sean farms in Whiteside County with his dad Arlyn Arians and uncle Robert Arians. He also works for Precision Planting, helping coordinate education for the product support team. Essentially, he travels about the country talking planter technology. And he trains dealers and employees, and he answers a whole lotta phone calls about planters. And technology.

And in between all of that, Sean is winding up his term as Young Leader chair. He'll hand over the gavel at the annual meeting in December. And as anyone who's ever been involved with this committee knows, he's just completed a year of tremendous work and invested hours. Personally, I'm looking forward to his retiring address; those are always good.

Back home on the farm, Sean has an eye on conservation and on the way they farm.

"Our goal is to be the best stewards of the land we have been given by God while here on earth. Proper tillage of the soil, implementing buffer strips near creeks, and minimal tillage to reduce soil erosion have all been part of the last five to 10 years," he says.

Despite those efforts, he's still concerned about EPA regulations coming from those who aren't familiar with the farm.

"People in society today are yearning for something to believe in," Sean points out. "The unfortunate thing is that farmers got beat to sharing the message. Now since we have felt the pinch of those inaccuracies, we have reacted and are starting to become proactive about the future of our livelihoods."

And he's right.

"The better stewards we can become, the better off the industry will be," Sean adds.

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