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30 Days on a Prairie Farm: Kid Love

30 Days on a Prairie Farm: Kid Love

Day 18: Why our kids love the farm life, and why that makes us happy, happy, happy.

Very, very rarely, my kids have said things like, "If we lived in town, we'd get to play with our friends all the time." To which I say, "Yes, that is true. But you wouldn't get to have calves, or bottle babies, or a rabbit, or four wheelers. You wouldn't get to go help Dad do chores. Or ride in a Ranger. Or in a tractor. Or walk over to Grandma's. Or ride your bike all the way down the road."

And then they nod, and the momentary troubles of country isolation give way to the greater good. And I make a mental note to invite their little friends over more often.

One of my very favorite shots from about four harvests ago, little Nathan waves to our farm employee and his favorite person, Mr. Jerry, as he clutches the remainder of a pork chop sandwich.

I don't think I overstate when I say our kids love the farm. They love the space, the quiet, the solitude (usually). They know they have advantages here, though they don't believe cleaning out the barn is one of them.

Someday though, I really hope they'll know how very fortunate they were to grow up out here. Meals in the field, neighbors in tractors, afternoons spent riding in the combine. It's good stuff. Plus a couple lessons along the way.


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