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A Farm Show Mindset

You have to prepare yourself for a tremendous rush of information, technology and fun if you're hitting a fall farm show.

Had a colleague make a request the other day and my first response was: "Can this wait until after the show?" You hear that a lot around Farm Progress these days as we immerse ourselves into the once-a-year event that is the Farm Progress Show - followed soon after by Husker Harvest Days.

I'm lucky that I get paid to attend this great event and can spend THREE days looking at technology, talking to farmers and enjoying what our exhibitors have to offer. We're less than a week from the big opening and while I'm on the road (about to see something you'll get to see for the first time at the Farm Progress Show) I'm also getting into show mode.

For our Events Team, I think they got into show mode about July 1 (actually when we're planting corn demo plots a lot of people slip into the mode). But the tension starts to mount as the weather warms. For Editors, we're gearing up now just ahead of the show. And there are a few things I know I'll need to keep in mind for any show.

1 - Plan the day and try not to cover it all in a couple hours. I know farmers don't have this luxury. We have tools at to help you plan your trip around the show space, use 'em and make the most of whatever time you can share with us. (You can do the same for at for that show.)

2 - Be ready for demos. Got word recently that the corn is drying down just fine thank you and we're going to have demos - barring wet weather - next week (I never predict the weather).

3 - Have fun! There's so much to see and learn at the show and every year it gets bigger and better. We're sold out again for both Farm Progress Show and Husker Harvest Days - so plan on wearing off a little shoe leather.

4 - Find my "show" boots - the boots I wear to all shows and events. They're comfortable, durable, and can stand up to different weather conditions.

Of course you don't have to pack a video camera and recording gear, cameras or that other stuff. But if you're packing up the family, they'll have plenty to do too. From music programs to the Orion Samuelson and Max Armstrong Noon Show at the ADM tent.

Plan to join us for 2011. If you see me walking up the street, please stop me and say hi. I'll be the fast-walking guy in a Farm Progress Show shirt carrying a big camera bag. See you there!

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