A Picture-Perfect Day at Kansas State Fair

Weather is seldom perfect in Kansas, but opening Saturday of the State Fair comes about as close as it gets

Today was about as good as it gets in Kansas weather. And it was even better because it was the opening weekend of the Kansas State Fair.

I had a great day at the Fair, in part because it was Legislators' Day and I always like reconnecting with the lawmakers who make it to the Fair year and year out. And standing around eavesdropping on the conversations of farmers with those lawmakers is great fun.

And who can argue with clear skies, a light breeze, temperature topping out at 83, carnival music, pronto pups, German sausage, little kids, animals and displays of the newest -- and the oldest -- farm equipment out there?

Can you tell I love the Fair? The only thing I didn't get done today that I wanted to was touch base with the cute kid on the cover of the September Kansas Farmer and find out how his rabbit did in the 4-H contest. Tomorrow for sure. I'll let you know.

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