Are There Any Family Farms Left in Kansas?

Wheat grower Paul Penner says question on airplane reminded him that the message is still far from delivered

I ran into Marion County wheat grower Paul Penner at the 2011 Commodity Classic here in Tampa on Friday morning where there has been a lot of conversation about the need for farmers and ranchers to get the real story of their lives and jobs before the public.

Penner said he was on his way back from Washington, D.C. and shared his farm roots with another passenger, who immediately inquired, "So are there any family farms left in Kansas or are they all gone?"

Penner said he was glad to assure the gentleman that almost, if not all, Kansas farmers are family owned and most of them are owner-occupied.

It was a bit disconcerting, however, he said, that the questioner is the owner of a public relations firm in Alexandria, Va.

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