At This Time of Year, Buying Local Is About Taste, Not Politics

Favorite sweet corn stand is stocked, garden ripe tomatoes are there too

In the middle of February, the movement to "buy local" or "know your farmer" is a theoretical notion because there isn't any fresh produce in Kansas. If you want sweet corn or tomatoes or green beans, they aren't going to be local.

But in the middle of July -- ah, that is a different story.

I made a wrong turn today on my way to an interview and somehow found myself turning around in a store parking lot, where there just happened to be a sweet corn stand.

I was already tempted but when I slowed down and saw those little paper basket of tomatoes -- real, garden ripened tomatoes -- that was all it took.

I bought a dozen ears of sweet corn and a basket of tomatoes. The latter didn't even last 12 hours in my kitchen. I had a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich for lunch and lots of sliced tomatoes with dinner. There's a better than 90-10 chance I'll be back in that parking lot tomorrow. Oh, yeah, fresh really IS better.

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