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Big Tractor for a Big Day

Big Tractor for a Big Day

My nephew married his bride this weekend and drove off in high farm style. John Deere tractor style, to be specific.


Guess what we did this weekend?!

We had a wedding!

My nephew, Matt, married his beautiful bride, Haley, just down the road from the farm in our country church. And it was only fitting that since he'd spent so many hours driving this tractor on the farm already, they take it for a spin after the ceremony. It was, in a word, awesome.

Matt and Haley are adorable and they had a most beautiful God-centered ceremony which included colorful farm metaphors such as, "treat your wife like a thoroughbred and she'll never be a nag." I think that's pretty accurate. And for whatever reason, they entrusted me to take their photos – me, the one who shoots farmers in hog houses, not brides in churches. Regardless, it was a lot of fun and I'll share more of our farm-centered photos later this week.

For now, congratulations, Matt and Haley Spangler! We love you!

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