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Equipment is getting bigger with the launch of Class 9 combines hitting the field. Now comes word a farmer in Britai...

Equipment is getting bigger with the launch of Class 9 combines hitting the field. Now comes word a farmer in Britain using a Claas Lexion 580 Terra Trac combine has hit a new record of 19,533 bushels of wheat in eight hours. That busts through the old record of 16,571 bushels in an 8-hour day.


Those wacky Guinness people - who ever heard of an 8-hour farm workday...but I digress.


The Lexion 580 with its 512 horsepower Mercedes diesel and a 35-foot grain head was put to the test in a recent world-record breaking effort. Check out a video at HERE.


You're under increasing pressure to boost productivity, and equipment makers are only to happy to oblige. Claas launch of the 590 Class 9 series, along with the Case IH and New Holland Class 9 announcements shows that farmers want to cover more acres with less labor. You'll just have to figure out how much support equipment change that'll require.


Of course that huge amount of wheat is on fewer acres in Britain than it might be in Kansas wheat country. "Over there" high-capacity wheat production is the norm and 100-bushel yields are average. So what might be 325 acres of wheat here (at 60 bpa) would be under 200 bpa over there to hit the world record.


In fact, the 19,533 bushels came from 117.8  acres - which is over 165 bpa wheat. The crop was above 16% moisture too, which bogged down harvest. The old world record was just set a few weeks ago. The total harvested was more than 500 metric tons of wheat - truly a lot of bread. That record harvest was 2,444 bushels per hour.


I just think it's worth noting when we hit a new record in anything agricultural. Congrats Claas, and to the British farmer who worked pretty darn hard I'm thinking. You do wonder what they could have done on a "normal" harvest day - you know a 12- or 18-hour day.


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