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Big-Rig Pickup?

This week in Las Vegas the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association is holding it's annual convention and show ...

This week in Las Vegas the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association is holding it's annual convention and show bringing together a wide range of manufacturers, including those responsible for the super-sized air foils you see on small Japanese cars. However, this show has attracted the attention of major manufacturers too - which is why Ford is showing off a new F-150 decked out SVT Raptor and Freightliner brings along the SportChassis P4XL.


Why do you care? SEMA is where a lot of interesting ideas come to light, and eventually come to market. The Ford Raptor concept is a real working truck decked out with a new front-suspension for improved off-road work. The Freightliner is a huge-luxo truck that's also four-wheel drive (imagine that).


From my standpoint it's just great to see just how far the pickup truck can go from its showroom basics to super-powered, and over-sized trim. The Ford Special Vehicle Technologies Group has done this kind of work before with the Lightning pickup. And the new F-150 (which Ford is putting a big push on right now) picks up cues from some of those concept vehicles of the past.


As for Freightliner and the P4XL, there are other players in the high-end, over-sized "pickup" market. However, this rig, which was also on display in all-leather trim at SEMA, offers a lot of features. In fact, it pretty much offers all the features you could think of for a pickup.

Go BIG OR GO HOME? This SportChassis P4XL from over-the-road truck maker Freightliner sports Cummins power, and a cattle herd of leather in the interior. Could it be your ultimate truck?

Perhaps a rig with an 8.3-liter Cummins diesel with a 174-inch wheelbase is a little big for the country. But there's no doubt this 330-hp rig can haul, and if you're into long-haul pulls for a livestock (or horse) trailer, perhaps supporting a side business selling short-line equipment you developed yourself, this might be just the vehicle to have for pulling.


Just enjoy the image of the "big rig" pickup, but you can also learn more by visiting the Freightliner SportChassis site where you can learn more about these unique vehicles. Just visit

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