Blessings Don't Always Arrive at Convenient Times

Rain spoils Easter egg rolls but brings welcome moisture.

My first instinct on Easter morning was to be upset that it was raining and likely to rain all day.

Easter at my house meant dinner for 13 adults and nine children and I had big plans for an Easter egg hunt outdoors on the lawn after dinner. I wasn't especially thrilled to think of not being able to send the kids outside to run off the sugar high of Easter bunny treats.

But just as I started to complain, I started to think about how badly we need rain and I immediately felt guilty. It occurred to me that we often ask for things and then whine if they aren't delivered on a schedule convenient for us. So I buttoned up and made the best of it and you know what? It was pretty darn good, even with the rain.

Even with the rain, farmers tell me the jury is still out on how much damage we may see from the hard freezes that came a week after the March blizzard.

At this point, we don't appear to have a disaster, but there are likely to be some yield hits. For the wheat that did take a hit, this weather -- cool and wet -- is perfect for healing and putting out new spring tillers. As long as it doesn't last TOO long.

And that's not a complaint. Just a reminder than there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

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