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Equipment maker expands its 'build & quote' system for premium line.

My favorite question, asked by reporter and farmer alike, when it comes to new equipment is "what does it cost?" It's easy to get a ballpark figure, but for several months now Agco has actually been making hay with websites that farmers can use to get a pretty good idea what a machine will cost before they drive onto the dealer's lot.

This week, the company is adding the Fendt tractor line to the family of build and quote products launched earlier this year. For this top-end line of German-built machines, this will be an interesting innovation.

The build and quote idea has long been popular on automotive websites. I've "built" a few cars in recent years spec'ing just what I want to find out just how much it would set me back. I even used it to research the last car I bought (a compact SUV) so when I went to the dealer I had a pretty good idea of the option package I wanted. Sure made the conversation at the dealership more productive.

The same will be true with the Build and Quote system for Agco. We wrote about it earlier this year when it started, adding Fendt makes sense given the company's move to expand distribution of the line. The system is actually an educational tool as well, offering visitors a chance to learn about all the options that are available from seats to transmissions to hitches.

Once you "build" the tractor you can request a formal quote from nearby dealers. The three dealers closes to your farm can reply. They would get your build summary along with any trade-in, finance and warranty information you provide so they can prepare a complete quote.

You can even save the "built" tractor by emailing it to yourself or printing out the finished document in case you're not ready for a quote yet. It's an interesting purchasing tool to consider.

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