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Buckle up! It’s Christmas in Illinois

Buckle up! It’s Christmas in Illinois

Tornadoes, mud, Illinois, Christmas, hitch covers and a partridge in a pear tree. What does it all mean?

It’s been a weird week. It doesn’t feel like Christmas, does it? Perhaps because it was 60 here yesterday, and we found ourselves in a “Code Black” at Walmart. For the initiated (that would include us), a Code Black apparently means tornadoes have been spotted and basically, everyone has to go to the photo center. Stat. And then stand together really close for a long time.

Tornadoes. In Illinois. On December 23. Seriously, now.

Jenna was with me, and we learned fairly quickly that while the tornado was real, it was 10 miles north of us and it had already passed through. Walmart was, perhaps, being overly cautious. But Jenna’s got a new hashtag: #wesurvived. Truth.

I wish I had some great story about shopping for something really interesting or a crazy last-minute farm-related gift but it was just…groceries. However, if I were making my Christmas farmer shopping list again, I would absolutely add this hitch cover to it.

My husband found it at Menards. I know. You know someone who could use this, right?

John got it for our good friend, Brett, who happens to be the associate pastor at our church. Over the past few years, they’ve hatched untold plans together (seriously, I don’t know most of them), and they’ve gotten into more mud-related, engine-failure, redneck-ish situations than I have room to describe, on both land and sea. And mud, which is sort of in between.

(I need to add, John just put it on Brett’s truck at church the other day. He spotted it immediately. Can I just say, that would’ve been on my car for six weeks before I ever noticed it.)

At any rate, it’s pretty ideal for the farm, too. It also reminds me of when the kids were really little and we heard Jenna at the top of the stairs: “Hold on, Nathan!”

Whoa, whoa, WHOA.

Or the only time I’ve ever gone sprinting out the back door to stop a tragedy, because I looked up from the sink in time to see five-year-old Nathan putting two-year-old Caroline in the back of the toy dump truck…at the top of the slide. They both looked at me like, “What?”

Buckle up - I wanna try something.

Pretty much.

So as I write this, at 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve – also known as the calm before the storm that is all of our family arriving at my mother-in-law’s shortly – I wish you all the very best Christmas, full of love and laughter and maybe a little buckling up.

Merriest of Christmases, and a happy New Year!

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