Christmas Comes and Goes, But Memories Are Forever

Christmas Comes and Goes, But Memories Are Forever

Annual cookie-making ritual gets bigger as grandkids grow both in age and in number

Has anybody else noticed that time goes faster and faster the older you get?

My 6-year-old grandson just said, “Grandma, you know what? It is 363 days until next Christmas. If I got a calendar big enough to hold all the days, how tall would it be?”

When I was his age, it seemed that Christmases were far, far apart. Now, I think that maybe 363 days is enough time to actually get everything done if I start right now.

I have to admit that Christmas is my absolutely favorite time of the year and I feel shortchanged this year because I caught a two-week cold the first of the month and still can’t walk from the house to the car without going into a coughing fit.

GETTING STARTED: Jackson contemplates the best way to use the rolling pin.

Cold weather and ice storms kept me from getting all the lights I wanted put up and FedEx delivered some of my online purchases after Christmas but I still had a great Christmas season.

One of my favorite events of the season is making “Grandma Painting Cookies” with the kids. Painting cookies are ordinary sugar cookies with powdered sugar icing in various colors. I mix up little bowls of colored frosting and put an artist’s paintbrush in each bowl.

As the crowd has grown, I find that it helps to a “station” for each child. We start with a ball of dough that they roll out themselves. I have a tub full of various Christmas shapes from candy canes to stars and Santas and gingerbread men but my crowd has a number of original art enthusiasts who prefer to create their own shapes. This year, packages with big bows on top were especially popular. We also had braided wreaths and snowballs.

Once the cookies cool, I put a clean sheet of waxed paper at each station and they get to pick one color at a time for decorating.

PAINTING: Lewis demonstrates his artistic talent with a multi-colored star.

When all are painted, we pose for the annual photo that gets added to the collection that started with just little Chloe when she was just under two.

This year, though, I found myself collecting the cookie cutters to put away and thinking that I’d better remember to put them in an easy-to-reach spot. After all, it will only be 330 days until I need them again.

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