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Click Here: Good Beef Resources

Click Here: Good Beef Resources

As promised in my social media workshop yesterday, here's a list of excellent beef resources and links.

Jenna and a young friend and I traveled to Champaign yesterday for the first-ever EDGE Youth Conference, sponsored by the Illinois Beef Association. I was there to talk about social media and beef advocacy, and I promised I'd share this list of my favorite beef blogs and resources here today. If ever you've wanted good, solid information and writing, this is the list. These bloggers are sharing great information, every day.

Take a look and let me know if you see more to be added to the list. I'm always looking for another good beef resource!


Feedyard Foodie

Mom at the Meat Counter

Agriculture Proud

Facts About Beef

Beefs and Beliefs

BEEF Daily

The Cattle Call

Illinois Farm Families

Participants line up for a photo following their first IBA EDGE Youth Conference.

Illinois Beef Blog

Keeping it Real: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl

Peterson Farm Bros.

My Generation (you're here!)

             A handful of my favorite posts that hit on beef:        

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