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Confessions of a Farm Wife: Episode 16

Confessions of a Farm Wife: Episode 16

Headline readers, GMO questions and passionate responses: the farm wives respond to my last blog post.

There's more to the story, friends. Always. If ever there were a moral to the story, I think that might be it. And what happens when we don't read beyond the headline? My fellow farm wives and I are back with another podcast, talking about just those things, many of which I shared last week.

New this time: it's shorter! We are told that shorter is better, so if you have any preferences on this, please let me know. Our thinking is more frequent and shorter podcasts, oriented around a particular topic rather than a half hour of us bouncing from topic to topic.

And in the meantime, give this podcast a listen, either on the gizmo below or download the SoundCloud app on your phone or iPad.

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