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Confessions of a Farm Wife: Episode 20

Confessions of a Farm Wife: Episode 20

We're talking about "That Which Cannot Be Spoken Of" this week and we're not kidding. And we don't want you to walk alone. Check it out…

Ok, friends. We're calling this episode, "That Which Cannot Be Spoken Of," with complete sincerity. And a little anxiety.

Part of me says I can’t believe we recorded a podcast about this. Another (apparently bigger) part says people need to know they don’t walk alone. If, and perhaps when, it happens to you, too.

So while our mantra is still to talk about food, farming and family, we’re definitely diving into new territory here. But my podcast colleague, Emily Webel, and I felt it was time. Plus, we’re really missing our pal, DeAnna, who’s home snuggling her new baby. And speaking of babies, check out Emily’s post on her boy, Jack, who’s so not a baby anymore but turned five years old this week. He’s basically my favorite five-year-old person on the planet.

So give it a listen! You can listen through the gizmo here, you can listen on the SoundCloud app on your phone, or even better, you can subscribe to us on iTunes. If you do that, it’ll automatically download new episodes for you, for your listening pleasure.

And if you’re scratching your head by the end of this one, I can only say I’m sorry. And I’m not surprised.

(And the link I mentioned in the podcast? This is it. I recommend the Survival Kit.)

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