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Confessions of a Farm Wife: Episode 23

Confessions of a Farm Wife: Episode 23

I'm interviewing Emily! Anything you've ever wondered: the dreams that didn't happen, the sea of humanity, the weirdos she dated and so much more.

Oh, friends. Do you ever wish you could just sit and have a casual conversation with your friend and learn more about them? Because I do. So we did!
In this episode, my friend Emily sat in the hot seat and answered my rapid-fire questions about her dreams that didn't happen, her pet peeves, why she loves a sea of humanity, how she recharges and her NEW JOB. I know. It's huge.
And there was that time when I confessed I thought Tory Birch was a tree, which brought about Emily's QOTD: "I wanted to hold you close and rock you."
And as always, we're talking food, family and farming. Give it a listen!
A few links...
What she's loving: her mudroom, complete with cubbies from Reclaimed Salvage
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