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Confessions of a Farm Wife: Episode 24

Confessions of a Farm Wife: Episode 24

It's harvest, baby! We're talking about all things harvest, including why we do what we do. And there were cows in my front yard!

Hey friends! We are on some kind of a podcast roll here. What do you think of podcasts on Friday? Does that work well for you? It kind of struck us as perhaps a good day for them, when maybe you'd like to have something quick to listen to at the end of your week. But let us know because we are nothing if not flexible.

We're talking about harvest for sure, because that's the season upon us. We also talked through that idea of why we do what we do: why do we start when we do, how hard to we push, and how much does the way we were raised have to do with our farming decisions. 

And the big thing that falls right in with that: taking supper to the field. Do you do that? What about the generation before you? We had a great discussion about how Emily's mom did it, how my mom did it, how my mother in law does it. And how we do it and whether we should feel guilty (spoiler alert: no guilt). 

So give it a listen! And stay safe if you're in the thick of harvest!

PS: you can listen through this SoundCloud gizmo, but you can also subscribe through iTunes and it's way easier than you think. Go to your smart phone; download the podcast app; open the app and search for Confessions of a Farm Wife; subscribe. Then, every time we publish a new podcast, it'll automatically download to your phone and you can listen anywhere. Boom. Technology working for you.

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