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Confessions of a Farm Wife: Episode 25

Confessions of a Farm Wife: Episode 25

We deep dive into a subject near and dear to us: ag advocacy. Who's blogging and who's not, and the million dollar question: has it done any good?

This week, Emily and I are taking a deep dive into a subject that's near and dear to both of us: ag advocacy.

What's up with the ag advocacy movement these days? Who's blogging and who's not? And who's still building relationships? And the million dollar question: has any of this done any good?

Plus: the one thing I could not care less about. 

As always, we're talking food, family and farming - give it a listen!

Links to stuff we're talking about:

Top 10 'above and beyond' qualities of a farm wife

Top 10 writer's farewell

Great response from Amanda Radke

Illinois Harvest Dinner: video and blog

Emily's book: Love Warrior

Holly's pick: Harvest help

PS: you can listen through this SoundCloud gizmo, but you can also subscribe through iTunes and it's way easier than you think. Go to your smart phone; download the podcast app; open the app and search for Confessions of a Farm Wife; subscribe. Then, every time we publish a new podcast, it'll automatically download to your phone and you can listen anywhere. Boom. Technology working for you.

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