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Confessions of a Farm Wife: Vol. 4

Confessions of a Farm Wife: Vol. 4

It's a new year and a new podcast with my fellow farm women: talking polar vortexes, snow days, 4-H projects, safes, thefts, sleeping dorms and more.

Let me tell you about my friend, DeAnna.

DeAnna Thomas is, without a doubt, the brains behind our podcasting adventure. Although she's working for LG Seeds these days, she's a broadcaster by trade which means she has the skills to move our little conversation along, and she has the equipment and the ability to produce it all into something you'd actually want to hear. Or in other words, she edits out the parts when Emily has to chase a small child or when I can't say my name.

Does it count as a #felfie (farmer selfie) if you take it in the farmhouse kitchen? This is an honest question; I don't know the #felfie rules. Are there #felfie rules? Does a #felfie require a tractor or a cow in the background? Help me out.

And our podcasting heroes got us a little freaked out because in recording their last podcast, they apparently talked for 45 minutes, and it wasn't actually recording. Let me just say, that would be unfortunate. They soldiered on and still came up with another hour's worth of fairly hilarious conversation and while I'm confident we could (almost) do the same, I'd still prefer to avoid that kind of technology glitch. And that's where DeAnna The Professional comes in. She rocks.

So, without further ado, here's Episode 4. You can listen by playing the little gizmo below. Or you can also click here and listen. Or you can download the SoundCloud app on your phone or tablet, sign in with your email and then use the above link to follow "Confessions of a Farm Wife." Then, theoretically, it should show up in your SoundCloud stream.

Endorsement links, in case you're real curious:

  • Mine (FWIW, this is good for men, too)
  • Emily (this is not a man's product)
  • DeAnna (I know men who would like this but would not wear it)
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