Confessions of a Farm Wife: Vol. 6

Confessions of a Farm Wife: Vol. 6

It was a Confessions road trip! We're re-capping Dr. Ron Hanson: farm family relationships, families that don't speak, don't plan, don't give up control and more!

Confessions of a Farm Wife took a road trip last week! Emily Webel, DeAnna Thomas and I headed north to the Quad Cities for the Women in Agriculture conference, which was headlined by Dr. Ron Hanson of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Hanson is a farm family relationship specialist whose spent his career counseling farm families in crisis, and speaking to farm groups all over the country. He's spoken in Illinois at the Farm Progress Show and at the Illinois Farm Bureau Young Leaders conference, and I've written more than one column based on interviews with him. In short, he never fails to speak truth and to inspire.

Live on the scene! It must have been funny. Photo by DeAnne Bloomberg.

Or in this case, to slightly freak out. The three of us walked out of his session thinking of all the things that could go wrong...and could go so many farm families. And so we sat down to rehash our thoughts and talk through the high points of everything he said.

You can listen by playing the little gizmo below. Or you can also click here and listen. Or you can download the SoundCloud app on your phone or tablet, sign in with your email and then use the above link to follow "Confessions of a Farm Wife." Then, theoretically, it should show up in your SoundCloud stream.

And - AND! - check back tomorrow for another podcast: DeAnna's exclusive interview with Dr. Ron Hanson. It's good stuff. I promise.

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